Condo moving in MCO period

As Malaysia extend movement control to Feb 18, and listed a couple of SOPs to follow. We would like to renew our status on condo moving matters. And give some advice to public.

Condo moving involved 5 parties: Moving out residential, moving out condo management, moving in condo management, moving companies, and police department.

As we are allowed to operate in MCO 2.0. There is really little reason to restrict people to move in or move, but it is tricky when it come to condo due to management are controlling people out and in. Therefore, both condo management are the main focus.

First is apply for moving with condo management, confirm the moving period, and sometimes require police letter to move.

What you can do before moving in MCO?

1. Communicate with moving out condo management

As moving out are usually okay, but it is need to mentioned that moving time might be shorten because condo management only allow to move within a time period. We suggest to check with your old condo management 1 weeks before moving to apply for the permission and confirm any others requirements. For instance, some management might need moving team to have Covid screening. 

2. Confirm moving date with New Condo management

 Moving in to a new condo will need more attention, as many condos don’t allow people moving in. But if you have letter from police, they wont block us doing the moving job. Other than that, the confirmation letter is important too.

3. Discuss moving plan with your movers

As we confirm the moving time period with both management, it is time to discuss the moving plan. The time of moving bulk stuff, packing one day before moving, all these are the details for moving in condo. If one day is not enough, how will the movers help you to finish job, does it require additional charges.

3. Apply the police letter

Applying police letter by going to the nearest Balai Police, and telling them the moving date, two addresses and your moving company. It would help you to get through those block too.

4. Prepare to move

As all of the documents and information have been confirm, now just prepare for your move. Do a list, and pack for small stuff, and dispose the unuse items.

In conclusion, let’s review the steps we need to do condo moving in MCO 2.0. First is confirm and apply for both condo management, Next is apply for police letter and talk moving details with your moving company. Lastly, prepare for your move.