How to Choose the Right Lorry Size for Your Move in Kuala Lumpur

Planning a move, whether it’s for your home or office, often comes with a mix of excitement and stress.   One of the biggest challenges? Figuring out how to transport your belongings safely and efficiently.

The key to a smooth move lies in choosing the right lorry size – but with options ranging from 1 tonne to 7.5 tonnes, making the right choice can seem daunting.

Understanding the difference between these sizes and what they mean for your move is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll navigate through the specifics of lorry sizes, from compact 1 tonne vehicles perfect for small moves, to spacious 7.5 tonne lorries for larger-scale relocations. With Happy Movers, you’ll find out not just how to choose the best lorry for your needs, but also get insights into our unique approach to moving, ensuring your transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Understanding Lorry Sizes

Moving can be as small or as big as you need it to be. Whether it’s a compact move or a large-scale transition, understanding the capacity of different lorry sizes is key. Here’s a breakdown based on BDM (Berat Dengan Buatan)

1 tonne lorry (usually 10 feet):

Ideal for: small moves.
Capacity: Can carry items like a queen-size mattress, a single-door refrigerator, a small sofa, and up to 20 boxes.
Best for: moving 1 or 2 rooms, especially if you don’t have oversized furniture.

3 tonne lorry (usually 14 feet):

Ideal for: Small to medium moves

Capacity: can transport a twin-door fridge, a larger sofa, two queen-size beds, and a dining set.

Best for: a 2-room condo move, comfortably accommodating your essential furniture.

5 tonne lorry (usually 17 feet):

Ideal for: a detached house or a 3-room condo

Capacity: can handle 2 wardrobes, king-size beds, a single bed, a dining set, and office furniture.

Best for: a comprehensive family move.

7.5 tonne lorry (20 feet): Happy Movers’ specialty

Ideal for: a larger home, like a double storey or a semi-detached house.
Capacity:  It can carry extensive furniture sets, including multiple beds, wardrobes, office tables, chairs, and large appliances.

Each size is tailored to fit different scales of moving, ensuring that your belongings are accommodated comfortably and safely.

Mover that work as per job

Even if we need to come another trip, it is totally free of charge.


there is 2 standard of lorries tonnage, BTM & BDM.

BTM, meaning the weight of the vehicle alone, is often a consideration in residential areas with weight restrictions(3.5 tonne maximum for a residential area) . In contrast, BDM, which includes the vehicle’s weight plus its maximum load capacity, is typically used by movers to estimate what they can transport.

If you are moving a house, which weight standard you should look at?

Happy Movers recommend to use BTM for knowing whether your lorry can fit into condo or your office. Lorry that is below 3.5 tonne usually would be able to go in your residential area,

However, we suggest asking, ‘What is the length of the lorry?’ to better understand its capacity for your move.At Happy Movers, we understand that length is a critical factor in determining how much you can fit into a lorry:

Lorry Length Matters: The length of the lorry directly impacts its capacity. For instance, a longer lorry can accommodate more or larger items. A 20-foot lorry can hold significantly more than a 10-foot one. This is especially important for moves involving larger furniture pieces or more rooms. It’s not just about weight but also about how comfortably items can be arranged and transported.

Knowing the lorry length helps in planning your move more effectively. This helps you realistically assess the number of trips needed, ensuring an efficient move. 

Happy Movers Unique Approach

At Happy Movers, our approach to moving services stands out in the industry:

Work as per job basis:

We work until the moving job is done, you would not need to worry about lorry size, we will arrange the lorry accordingly for you.

No Hidden Costs:

We operate with complete transparency. Our pricing is straightforward – no hidden fees, no surprises. Whether it’s a small apartment or a large house move, you can trust us to provide clear, upfront costs.

Max Lorry Size and Flexibility:

Our maximum lorry size is a 7.5 tonne, 20-foot vehicle, which perfectly balances ample space for your belongings while being suitable for most locations. This size is ideal for larger moves, ensuring everything fits comfortably in a single trip. Plus, our job-based approach means we focus on the job at hand, regardless of the number of trips or lorry size, emphasizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to a stress-free moving experience is why customers choose Happy Movers for their relocation needs.

Special Moving Considerations

Every move has its unique challenges, and at Happy Movers, we’re equipped to handle them:

Canvas vs Open vs Container Box: In Malaysia’s, especially Kl area, and its ever-changing weather, choosing the right type of lorry is crucial. We recommend container box lorries for house moves, as they offer the best protection against the typical equatorial climate, with frequent sun and rain. This choice minimizes the risk of weather-related damage to your belongings.


Tail-Lift Lorries for Heavy Items: For heavy or bulky items like safes, pianos, or marble tables, our tail-lift lorries are the perfect solution. They allow for safer and more efficient loading and unloading, significantly reducing the risk of damage. The tail-lift mechanism minimizes manual handling, ensuring your precious items are moved with the utmost care.

With these specialized options, we ensure that your move is safe, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs.