Professional movers versus lorry service in Malaysia

Moving can be both exciting and frustrating, the exciting part is changing the living environment. All your lifestyle, restaurant might be changed after the move. However, it could be frustrating to move due to inexperience on moving. First of all to start a moving, it is important to choose the correct movers to move.

In Malaysia, there are two main moving service provider, Professional Movers and lorry service. In the following paragraph, we will discuss the differences and let you decide which one should you choose.

Pro movers manage entire moving job (regardless of trip or time), they have to move your items to the destination. Professional movers should be on project base. Which means they should take care of your entire moving till it finishes. They have to have a project manager to handle the entire job, and planning and organizing for you. If you have to look over them after you give the instruction, the movers might not be professional.

Why choose professional movers? ( The Benefits of hiring professional movers)

One quotation to finish the entire moving (no hidden cost and extra charge)

When you find a lorry service to move your stuff, often they will charge be per trip. One trip could be RM350-550. Per trip seems quite a deal for cutting down the moving cost. However, when they doing the move, it could be a different case.  Because, in order to earn more money, more trip is the easiest way to earn more.  As a professional mover, we can tell you that a neatly arrange lorry can fill double the stuff when comparing to a poor arrange lorry. /Put a image of the differences/

In comparison, professional movers are project based, the price are set before the job starts. There should be no reason to increase your moving price. In this matter, there will be no hidden cost. Even though they have to move more trip as they estimate, they will need to finish it without extra charge.

To sum it up, lorry services are based on trip or tonne lorry and your moving price could be higher than your estimation. While professional movers are project based, one quotation to move all items.

Help you to Manage the entire job

The main reason of people considering lorry services is they think that moving require labour only. In 2020, we lost a university moving job. Because the lorry service they used are about 30% cheaper than us, However, in last month, they ask us to quote for them again. After the last moving, they feel that it is more important to hiring the right movers to handle their moving. In the previous moving with the lorry service, they have to monitor them to do the job, and always pay attention on what they doing. The moving experience for them is terrible, they have to do the overtime to make sure the moving job run. In the end, the lorry service costs more due to the energy and time they waste.

Professional movers should help you to arrange the entire job from A-Z. Customers only have to make sure they know the location of each box and furniture and label it with stickers.

Professional packing for furniture and items with the correct packing material

When moving with lorry service, you can find them often just delivery your stuff to the destination. The furniture and items are not protected, or they were just simply wrapping. There is a chance that your furniture will be damaged.

The professional movers are more to protecting your stuff while moving, we will have the correct packing material for each furniture and fixtures, for instance we have imported moving blanket to protect, marble table and TV.

Tools to protect

Lorry service moving tool is only their lorry.

Happy movers have invented a few tools to make moving easier and safer. We have the customize moving trolley, clothing boxes and 3 side moving trolley just to make the moving process safe.

Remove stress

One of the biggest conflicts between you and lorry service is you want to move things in a shortest time. While the lorry service wants to move longer time with more trip. The thinking is contradiction; therefore, issue is easier to happen.

Professional movers focusing on moving safely within an estimated moving time, this is more suit to a person that want moving. Everyone needs the bed to sleep on in the moving day. With professional movers you can move with a peace of mind

Disassembling and Assembling Your furniture

Moving house and office including moving the bulky furniture. Bulky furniture is not suitable to just move completely without dissemble. It is dangerous to move a whole piece bulky furniture as it could damage the furniture as well as the movers.

Lorry service are mostly use as sending items from A-B, their specialty is to deliver the things. They might not equip the skills and knowledge to assemble and disassemble for your furniture.

Professional movers handle furniture every day, we have adapted enough knowledge and skill to dissemble and assemble your furniture. This is one of the job scopes of professional movers. As a saying says: “Let the professional handles.”

Moving System

To move within a specific time, Professional movers like happy movers will have a moving system. The moving system including the moving checklist, a moving plan and the moving tools. We have the right tools, right person, and the right packing material to help your moving.

While in comparison, lorry services don’t have the moving system to make moving smooth, that is the reason you feel stress when you use lorry service.

In conclusion, professional movers help you to move with ease. If you have moving question, do not hesitate to contact Happy Movers, a professional mover that aims to bring moving happiness. Call us at 010-2326868 or WhatsApp to enquiry.

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