Moving can be a daunting task, but the secret to a hassle-free move is getting the right quote from the best moving service providers. This guide offers valuable tips to help you understand the moving quote process and how to select a moving service that fits your needs.

Key Point Details
Comparing Quotes Essential for finding the best service and price. Contact multiple companies, start early, get recommendations, and read online reviews.
Professional Movers Provide expertise, efficiency, and safety over DIY moving.
Accurate Estimates Better assessed through in-person or detailed video call estimates rather than quick online quotes.
Quote Factors Cost varies by move type (local or long-distance), with local moves charged hourly and long-distance by weight and distance. Consider extra service fees.
Moving Quote Components Includes move date, distance, special services, and insurance options. Offers can be binding, non-binding, or binding-not-to-exceed.
Comparing Quotes Evaluate by making side-by-side comparisons, assessing ratings and reviews, and spotting red flags.
Discounts and Savings Save by lightening the load, DIY packing, moving on less popular days, and asking for discounts.
Preparation for Calls List items, decide on needed services, and prepare questions for movers.
Detailed Quote Types Non-binding, binding, and binding-not-to-exceed estimates provide options based on budget and needs.
Saving on Moving Costs Declutter before moving, choose off-peak times, and handle some tasks yourself to cut costs.

Importance of Comparing Moving Company Quotes

Before you move, it’s crucial to compare quotes from multiple moving services. Getting different quotes helps you find the best price and service fit for your specific moving needs. Here’s a quick overview of tips for selecting the right moving service:

  1. Start Early: Begin your search for a moving company well in advance.
  2. Recommendations: Ask friends and family for moving company recommendations.
  3. Read Reviews: Check out online reviews to gauge past customer satisfaction.

Tips for Comparing Moving Quotes

To ensure you’re making the best choice for your move, consider the following steps:

  • Contact at least three companies: This gives you a broad range of options.
  • Start the search early: Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Get recommendations: Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool.
  • Read online reviews: Websites like Yelp and Google are valuable resources.
  • Hire professional movers: Understand the value they bring despite the costs.

Here are some reasons you should consider professional movers:

Professional Movers DIY Moving
Expert packing/unpacking services Time-consuming
Safe handling of belongings Risk of damage
Efficient transport Multiple trips likely

Getting an Accurate Estimate

Estimates can be provided in-person or via video call, and each has its benefits and drawbacks:

  • In-person estimate: Allows for a more detailed and accurate quote.
  • Video call estimates: Convenient but may not capture all details.
  • Instant online estimates: Quick but often less accurate.

When understanding quote factors, consider whether your move is local or long-distance, as this will affect the cost structure. Local moves often have hourly charges, while long-distance moves are calculated based on weight and travel distance. Remember, additional charges may apply for special services.

Components of a Moving Quote

When you receive a quote, it should detail the move date, distance, and any special services you’ve requested. It’s also a time to understand your moving insurance options and the types of estimates offered:

  • Binding estimate: A guaranteed price based on the estimated weight of your belongings.
  • Non-binding estimate: An estimate that can change based on actual weight.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed estimate: You won’t pay more if your items weigh more than the estimate.

Comparing Quotes

Make a side-by-side comparison to effectively compare quotes. Look at the company ratings and reviews, and be wary of any red flags, like a rate much lower than others.

Discounts and Saving Tips

To save on moving costs, consider:

  • Lightening the load: Sell or donate items you no longer need.
  • DIY packing: It can reduce costs significantly.
  • Choosing less popular moving days: Mid-week or mid-month moves may offer savings.
  • Asking for discounts: Some companies offer discounts for various reasons; don’t hesitate to ask.

Preparing for Moving Company Calls

Before you call, prepare by:

  • Listing items to move: This helps the company provide a more accurate estimate.
  • Determining required services: Decide if you need full-service moving, packing, or storage.
  • Questions for movers: Have a list of questions ready.

Types of Moving Quotes Detailed

Understanding the details of different estimates helps in making an informed decision. Here’s a brief on each:

  • Non-binding estimates: They are based on the mover’s estimated weight or space your belongings will take up and can change based on actual measurements.
  • Binding estimates: Offer a single price based on the estimated weight of your items.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed estimates: The most customer-friendly option, where you pay the quoted price or less, depending on the actual weight.

Saving on Moving Costs

Beyond getting quotes, you can save money by decluttering before the move, choosing off-season dates, and tackling some moving tasks on your own.


Gathering multiple quotes, understanding the details of moving services, and preparing for the moving process can make your experience stress-free. Ready to get started? Contact Happy Movers today for a comprehensive quote and enjoy a hassle-free move!


  • How many quotes should I get for moving?
    • It’s best to get at least three quotes to compare.
  • How do you get the best moving quotes?
    • Start early, read reviews, and check for company credentials and transparency.
  • How are moving quotes calculated?
    • Quotes are based on move distance, item weight, and additional services.
  • How do you compare moving quotes?
    • Look at services offered, total cost, and company reputation.
  • How accurate are moving quotes?
    • In-person estimates tend to be more accurate than online or over-the-phone quotes.

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