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Business Relocation

Who we are?

Happy Movers is a local professional mover in Klang Valley, our mission is let people enjoy moving happiness. We are more than just move things from A to B, we coordinate the moving job to make it smooth and on time. In 2021, we have reach over 104 Google reviews with 4.9 of rating.

Till 2021 we have accumulated 328 office moving jobs and received mostly positive review from them. We are here for your one stop business relocation.


Why choose us?
  • 20 years’ experience with 100% delivered on time  

Happy Movers had been in moving industry for 20 years, we have accumulated tons of moving experience with our happy customers. In these 20 year we found that moving is not just having enough person to do the job, we have to know the needs of our customers. We have to consult them with the correct moving knowledge, and customize their moving plan. Especially when it comes to business moving, each moving job are so much differences than the previous on, some company require a specific department like finance to done the moving before the others department.

  • Professional Movers V.S. Interior design in charging moving

When moving to a new office, some company might hire ID (interior design) company to change the interior of their new office. In the meanwhile, ID might include moving in their invoice. ID is specialist on enhancing space usage, in moving they just outsource the moving job to other company.

In order to know the differences of professional movers and interior design’s movers, let’s compare professional mover and interior design side by side

  Professional Mover Interior Design doing moving
Profession on moving vs outsourcing to other company Movers should be profession on moving and dealing all your moving related problem. The main purpose of hiring pro mover is to help protecting your moving items in the entire moving process while finish before the cut off time. Due to outsource moving job to other companies, the subcontractor might not be a professional mover, which could slow down the moving process. Or even damage your furniture. In addition, there might be conflicts and confuse in communication too.

Movers control by who

Movers are come as a team, so communicate with supervisor is enough, supervisor will help to mange the entire job and supervise it

Mover might not be controlled by ID company, it will cause problem due to difficult of communication

Time using

Happy Movers are 100% delivered on time from the past record, we have our innovative moving system and tools to make sure all jobs are completed within target time

Due to the unprofessional of subcontractor, timing might be delayed and down time might be extending


Movers are one quotation finish the entire job

While due to the substitute contract, ID will charge a percentage of mark-up cost which increase your moving investment

      In summary, due to the double responsibilities of ID company, there might be delayed or oversight of moving. In contrast, professional mover handles the moving job from A-Z. Communication and coordination are easier cause there is no conflicts like id company have.

  • Save cost & time, minimize down time

As a professional mover, we understand that we need to do the moving within the estimated time frame, and let our customers start their operation as soon as possible. By hiring us we save cost & time by minimizing down time and set up all desk to let our customers start operating.

Important notes of office moving

  • Planning
  • Communicate & consult
  • Customize moving process

Office Moving Process in Happy Movers


1. Enquiry

2.Site survey & consultation

3. Quotation

4. Before moving planning

5. Packing & Moving Process

6. Finish Moving Inspection



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