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Free moving consultation

Trying find a quotation from us? 

We are now offering free moving consultation via video call. Just have a call with us, we can advice your moving plan and give you consulatation instantly. With our one price move all policy, our price is the final price, no need to worry for anyhidden cost. 

Why we use online inquiry ?

1. Minimize in-person contact 

In the day of written this article(21/08), daily cases of Malaysia are still over 20k. In order to reduce the risk of virus spreading, Whatsapp contacting can reduce in-person contact. 

2. Instant online quotation

Our moving price are regardless about trip or tonne lorry, we charge based on the entire job. Therefore we need to know all the moving items that you are going to move, so that we can give an accurate moving quotation. With whatsapp photos or video call, its easier. 

Due to covid pendamic Distriction and safety concern, we prefer to minimize the contact as much as can.

Whatsapp Us right now to get your quotation.