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How to move my condo items while I am not in my condo?

Since the MCO, FMCO and phases of recovery, people life have been largely affected. Some decided to go back to kampung for a while due to the unexpected lockdown. However, the cases increasing and extension of movement control seems like a never-ending cycle in Malaysia. Moving back the remaining furniture and items from condo could save months of rental. Thus, come a question:

How to move my condo items while I am not in my condo?

Our suggestion is either ask a trusted friend or hire a good reputation mover to help packing and send back your stuff to you. Important marks are safety should be your main concern for your remotely moving, therefore we come out the steps for moving remotely.

FMCO moving steps (Remote moving)

  1. Confirm your moving items

First, think about what items have you left in your condo. Is there any valuable stuff, or stuff that require special care? This could let your friends or movers know what to do when they are at your condo.

  1. Keep your valuable stuff

We suggest that all your valuable stuff should be handle by your trusted parties, which could be your friends or family members.

  1. Finding a well-reputation mover

For a remote moving, its important that your movers are here to 100% easing your moving frustration. It could be very troublesome to move while worrying your movers trustworthy. We suggest to do some research on your mover’s reviews from Facebook and google to confirm they have a good reputation and a clear background.

  1. List out your moving list

Moving checklist is one of the important tools to have for moving remotely. When you list out your moving checklist, it is easier for your movers to follow the list and planning with it, to make sure that all the moving items are included when they move.

  1. Video call to confirm moving items

Make a video call to your moving agency, when they have reached your condo, and confirm your moving items again. While confirming, you should point out items that required special care, and ask them to give more caution or label on it.

  1. Video call after the packing

Video call again when they have done the packing, to make sure all the moving items have been well-packed and avoid items to be leftover.

After the preceding steps, your moving items are coming to you within 3 days.


Happy Movers understand the feeling of worrying condo stuff while outstation. We roll out a remote moving package to ease the moving process while you are outstation.

Remote moving package include

  1. Packing small items into boxes

Small items include kitchen items, Cosmetics and their bottles and jar will be packed by us. Happy Movers will use packing paper, bubble wrapping and stretch film to pack all the items that are fragile or require packing.

  1. Dissemble furniture and pack with stretch film to delivery purpose

Big furniture is not advice to just deliver without dissemble, the reason is furniture like office table is too bulky to transfer safely. We will dissemble and pack with stretch film.

  1. All the boxes will be wrapped before deliver

To avoid the boxes opened by the others, after tapping the boxes, we will use stretch film to wrap it again.

  1. Dispose all the unneeded items

Some items are not worthy to move, we will follow the moving list that prepared by you and throw the items you mention. Before dispose them we will make sure that we didn’t dispose the wrong items by reconfirming and send photo to you.

  1. Packing electronic devices

Monitors, desktop PC will be wrapped and giving all the protection and avoid there is space in the boxes which might caused damage to them.

  1. No hidden cost (one price move all policy)

There is no hidden cost after we send the quotation to you. We will move all the items given in the moving list. However, there is a extra charge if the items are not included in moving list.

  1. Delivery cost

Our transport partner will make sure the delivery is safe to your destination.

How much does it cost for remote moving?

Remote moving normally cost around RM600-RM900, the defences of charges depend on the entire job, which includes the amount of packing boxes, the size of moving items. Our main focus is moving safely and let our customers to sit back and enjoy. Our purpose is to let people enjoy moving happiness.