Happy Movers Moving Gadgets


Hello everyone! Are you gearing up for a big move but not looking forward to the packing part? Don’t worry! We at Happy Movers are here to bring some joy and simplicity to your moving journey. We’ve prepared some handy tools that will make your move as simple as enjoying a slice of kueh. Here’s a little preview of what’s in store for you:

  • Cool tools that make moving day easy and stress-free
  • Advice and hints to make your move smooth and effortless
  • Discover the fantastic range of innovations by Happy Movers!

Clothing Wardrobe

Got a ton of hanging clothes? Our Clothing Wardrobe is here to save your day (and your clothes from wrinkles)! Simply hang your clothes in it and hang them back at your new place, saving time on packing and unpacking, while keeping your clothes wrinkle-free.

People hanging clothes to a box

The Heavy Duty Trolley

Now, let us introduce you to the Hercules of moving tools – the Heavy Duty Trolley. A true powerhouse, this fella is crafted to carry the heaviest of items, like safes, without breaking a sweat. Check out its mighty features:

  • Its heavy-duty wheels make it a smooth operator on even the roughest terrains, safeguarding your precious load day after day
A red trolley

The Sturdy ShoulderDolly Moving Straps

Lastly, let’s introduce you to the brawny ShoulderDolly Moving Straps. This sturdy helper ensures the safe and stable transfer of your hefty items, making the moving process a walk in the park. Here’s why they are a boon:

  • Designed to carry heavy items up to 800 lbs, promising safety and stability
  • Provides an extra layer of security, promising a smooth and secure move of your hefty treasures

2 person holding a furniture with strap on their shoulder

The Protective Embrace of Moving Blankets

Now, let’s talk about our Moving Blankets – your precious belongings’ best friend. These blankets cushion your items during transit, preventing any dings or scratches. Check out how we pack TV with moving blanket. Here’s what makes them special:

  • Excellent shock absorption properties, promising safe and sound transit
  • A shield against potential damages, keeping your items looking minty fresh
4 People packing a big round table( with stretch film on it) with a thick blanket

Safety Rack by Happy Movers

Coming up next is our genius invention – the Safety Rack. This clever device guarantees a snug and secure spot for your fragile items like monitors and PCs, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition. Here’s why it’s a gem:

  • A specially designed haven for fragile and uniquely shaped items
  • A mover’s dream for safely transporting monitors, PCs and more
2 person holding a big trolley on the tailgate lorry

Entrance Carpet

Protect your entrance floor from the rigours of moving day with our handy Entrance Carpet. It not only shields your floor from potential damages but also adds a touch of class to your moving process.

A red carpet on the entrance

Now, let’s talk about our specially curated boxes – a real game-changer in the world of moving. They are spacious enough to hold most of your items, yet designed to be managed single-handedly. A peek into their charm:

  • Generously sized to fit most of your belongings with great ease
  • Convenient to handle, even by a single person, promising a no-fuss packing experience

TVs Boxes

Moving your TV has never been safer or easier! Our TV Boxes are specifically designed to offer your TV the protection it needs during the move, promising a seamless setup at your new place.

Quick Tip: Ready to transform your moving day into a breezy and enjoyable affair? Join us as we share top-notch tips and fun secrets from the bustling world of the moving industry, all set to make your moving day a delightful adventure!


As we wrap up this joyous journey through our treasure trove of moving tools, we bet you’re all geared up for a move that’s both easy and fun, Malaysian style! Dive into the world of smooth and happy moving with Happy Movers.

We invite you to continue this exciting journey with more tips and tales from our blog, where exciting moving stories and expert advice are waiting to make your moving day a truly happy one. Remember, with Happy Movers, every move is a joyful adventure!