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One Price Move All Policy

Did your moving agencies increase moving price after they come to your place?  They might come out of reason like the fridge is too bulky, the boxes are too many or the walking distance are too long. Although you are not happy with that but since they have move half of your house into their lorry, you have no choice to pay more. In Happy Movers, our customers did not experience this frustration. We practice One price move all policy, which means one quotation for the entire moving job.


One price moves all policy

Moving costs for your relocation service in Happy Movers are quoted for a whole job. This means that all the moving factors like moving items (furniture, TVs, Refrigerators, table, Sofa), the distance of old house and destination, the requirement of special care to the moving items (such as extra protection to your big screen TV), the walking distance and availability of lift are sum up as a whole package. All these factors are considered as a whole, and we estimate the moving price upon it. As the final quotation are sent to you, there will be no hidden cost or addition charges. Unless there is some unmention items that did not come out while discussing.

How will this policy benefit our customers?

1. Moving cost predictable

As the final quotation is given, the moving price is set. We will move all your moving items as you mention. It will be easy for you to estimate your moving cost. Even if our actual moving days are longer than we estimate there will no be no extra cost.