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Moving from one place to another is definitely not an easy task .We know that it can get very demanding when you're planning your move. We are here to offer the most hassle-free relocation service for you. We guarantee you that moving to your new location will be stress-free. You will receive a free quotation from  our Happy Movers Adviser for absolutely no cost or obligation.

Let Happy Movers  handle the details while you enjoy moving into your new home .



Before your move , we suggest starting the planning process. You will save yourself stress and worry by planning your move as far in advance as possible.

We truly believe that moving can be an exciting process if it is planned and excuted well . It is important to ask the following questions .

1. When is the best time to move ?
2. How much packing should I do myself ?
3. When should I start planning ?
4. When should I start packing ?


Business  moves are different to home moves ; The process of moving your business can be stressful for a company's employees and can affect the productivity of an organization's operations.

Precision & Timing are critical ;teamwork & logistics are vital. We value your trust in transporting your company's invaluable documents , expensive technical equipment and furnishings. And that's because we understand that you are in business to make money with minimal interruption.

As skilled company movers , we understand that time is money so we specialize in the minimization of downtime for your office during your move.

We work with your company to provide detailed timeline support so that ideally we can have you packed after the workday ends and your staff can show up at your new office in the morning .

When you and your company decide to relocate to a new location , we are always happy to assist you from the planning stages right through to the delivery of your items. You can entirely rely on us to deliver because we take pride in our strides.

Planning your move
The most important part of a successful business move is planning ; and this     is our specialty . We are experts on how to move and follow a clear relocation checklist and action plan that details your company's move from start to finish.

Quotes for Moving
You will be provided with a comprehensive cost of moving estimate, as well as proposal that outlines the plan for your full move.

Pre-Move Meeting
Upon agreement , a pre-move coordination meeting will be set up . Happy Movers Coordinator will provide clear instructions for your staff on how to label items, prepare their desks, computers and important documents. After the meeting , We will delivery all the moving boxes and other packaging supplies you will need, including labels, in advance to allow enough time to properly prepare for the move.

Company Floor Plan
Every business is different and will have unique circumstance that will be addressed. We utilize a numbered floor plan as well as a color-coding system to ensure that nothing is misplaced and that items are taken to their correct location.

The Happy Move
Before your move , we will prepare your facility by protecting floors and walls as needed . One everything is loaded onto the truck, we will deliver it to your new location and place everything where you have specified.

Priority Moving
We have a ‘ shuttle'/float method that allows the important items to arrive first at your new location. This reduces downtime and lets you get back to your work priorities.

After the Move
We will do a post-move walk-through with your designated representative to confirm that everything is in place and all has gone according to plan.