Cupboard and wardrobe moving Moving Service

Service Summary: We provide professional cupboard and wardrobe moving services, including dismantling, packing, assemble and arrange back to the place.

Price Range: Prices vary depending on the scope and distance of the move, typically ranging from  RM 350-RM750

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Happy Movers' Cupboard & Wardrobe Moving Service

Happy cupboard/wardrobe moving process 
Handing and packingHappy Movers’ comprehensive packing process, utilizing materials like corrugated board and stretch film, reflects a commitment to protecting delicate areas for the cupboard, such as mirrors and the edge of the wooden cupboard, ensuring furniture integrity throughout the move.
Transparent and Competitive PricingHappy Movers provides transparent pricing ranging from RM 350 to RM 750, covering essential services like dismantling, packing, transportation and assembly.
Why Choose Happy Movers?
  1. Experience and Expertise: Happy Movers boasts a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and proficiency to handle various cupboards and wardrobes.

  2. Safety First: Happy Movers equips their professional movers with the necessary tools and techniques to safeguard both furniture and individuals involved in the move, minimizing risks.

  3. Comprehensive Service Package: Beyond transportation, Happy Movers offers a complete service package, including dismantling, packing, and assembly.


Pricing Details

  • Competitive Rates: Our prices range from  RM 350-RM750, depending on cupboard or wardrobe size.
  • Value-Added Services: Unlike other providers , our price includes dismantling, packing, and assembling for the cupboard and wardrobe.

What we move for cupboard & Wardrobe?

We handle everything from small cupboard to large clothing wardrobe setups. Including Ikea cupboard, racks, cupboard with mirror, 6 foot wardrobe, 8 foot wardrobe, sliding Wardrobe.


Cupboards can typically be moved as a single unit without the need for dismantling. However, it is important to pack them carefully to prevent any potential damage or scratches to the surface during the moving process.

Display Cupboard

We will handle the glass cupboard with extra care during the moving process. To ensure its safety, we’ll employ either corrugated board or bubble wrap for secure packing before transportation.

Small wardrobe (below 4 foot)

Small wardrobes can be easily transported when packed with precision and care.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

A sliding door wardrobe requires careful disassembly before relocation. At Happy Movers, our standard practice involves dismantling the sliding doors while keeping the remaining parts intact for a smooth and efficient moving process.

Mirror Wardrobe

We prioritize the safety of mirror wardrobes by carefully packing them with either corrugated board or bubble wrap before moving.

Bulky Wardrobe

Moving bulky wardrobes requires meticulous planning, considering access at both current and destination locations. Often, these wardrobes need to be carefully dismantled piece by piece for a smooth transition to the new house

Wardrobe & Cupboard Moving Process

01. Pre-Move Assessment

Identify access points and potential challenges for moving bulky or delicate cupboard via virtual survey.

02. Empty the wardrobe of all clothing & Items

Consider emptying large clothing pieces before your move. Opt for our packing service for hassle-free assistance.

03. Dismantling (if required)

Disassemble the wardrobe if necessary, particularly for large or bulky units.
Keep all hardware, screws, and components organized for easy reassembly.

04. Secure Packing

Opt for proper packing materials like bubble wrap or corrugated board. Wrap fragile or glass items separately to ensure safe transit.

05. Transportation to destination

Load wardrobe components securely, padding and securing to prevent shifting during transit.

06. Reassembly

Upon arrival, reassemble the wardrobe using organized components. Double-check alignment and stability post-reassembly.

07. Placement of the wardrobe

Place the fully assembled wardrobe in the designated area

 Why Choose Happy Movers?

  • Expertise in Fragile Item Handling: Happy Movers excels in delicate item handling, including glass and mirror wardrobes. Our skilled team uses advanced packing techniques with materials like bubble wrap and corrugated board to ensure your furniture arrives in pristine condition. .
  • Efficient Disassembly and Reassembly Services: At Happy Movers, we expertly disassemble and transport large wardrobes, including sliding door and oversized models. Our efficient reassembly services ensure a seamless reconstruction, saving you time and effort during your move.


Challenges with Moving fixed to the wall Cupboards and Wardrobes

Fixed to the wall cupboard

Moving fixed-to-the-wall cupboards is discouraged due to the risk of compromising their structural integrity and the complexity of the disassembly process. These cupboards are securely anchored, and attempting to relocate them may result in damage and instability

Fixed to the wall wardrobe

Moving a fixed-to-the-wall wardrobe is not recommended, especially if it won’t fit in the destination. The secure anchoring and complex disassembly process increase the risk of damage and instability.

Moving Cupboard & Wardrobe FAQ

How to move a cupboard easily?

Use the right tools like dollies and sliders, and ensure the cupboard is empty and possibly disassembled for easier handling.

How to move a heavy wardrobe easily?

Engage professional movers who have the expertise and equipment to handle heavy wardrobes safely.

How to shift a wardrobe?

Shift wardrobes by first securing loose parts and doors, then using furniture sliders or a dolly to move it to the new location.

How to move a heavy cabinet by yourself?

It’s recommended to avoid moving heavy cabinets alone due to the risk of injury and damage. If necessary, use proper lifting techniques and tools.

Can I move my cabinets up?

Moving cabinets upstairs requires careful planning, the right tools, and ideally, professional assistance to avoid damage and injury.

Move cupboard & wardrobe in peace of mind