Move Fridge Service

Service Summary: Specializing in Fridge moving, including single door, double door, twin door fridge, 4 door fridge.

Price Range: RM400 – RM650 (varies based on the fridge size, the access and the distance).

Potential Costs Involved in Moving a Fridge

Service FeatureAverage Cost
Local Move with Lorry ServiceRM200 – RM450
Local move(Professional packing and handling)with Happy MoversRM400 – RM650

These ranges are estimates and can vary based on factors like distance, fridge size, and service complexity.

Service Offered For Fridge Moving With Happy Movers

Tailgate Lorry to load to the Fridge

Tailgate lorry to lift the fridge to minimize the risk of people loading. 

Professional Packing For Fridge

We use blanket to pack the fridge to protect the surface of the fridge and provide protection for the fridge.

Lifting indoor to avoid scratching the floor

Our movers will carry the fridge in the premises to avoid scratching the floor.

Preparation Steps Before Moving Your Fridge

Before the big move, make sure you:
  1. Book a Service: Secure your fridge moving service at least two weeks ahead.
  2. Measure Up: Give the movers your address and fridge dimensions. Take a photo for them which will help the process.
  3. Space Check: Ensure the new kitchen space can accommodate your fridge.
  4. Clear the Way: Make room for the movers to work.

Considerations Before the Move

  • Is the fridge worth the move?
  • Will it fit aesthetically and spatially in the new home?

How to Empty and Defrost Your Fridge Before Moving

Empty Out the Fridge

  • Consume perishables.
  • Store essentials in a cooler.
  • Pack shelves and drawers separately.

Defrost and Turn Off

  • Switch off the fridge 24 hours before the move.
  • Defrost and wipe down to prevent leaks.

Disconnecting Utilities

  • Turn off water lines and unplug wiring.
  • Consider a professional for complex connections.
A vector-style portrait of two Asian men in yellow t-shirts facing each other while lifting a refrigerator between them. The refrigerator is in a vertical orientation

Steps to Move a Fridge Safely

01. The Packing and Lifting

At Happy Movers, we safeguard your fridge with snug moving blankets and secure shrink wrap to prevent any travel trauma. Our pros lift your fridge clear off the floor, ensuring it stays upright and the journey from old home to new is scratch-free. Trust us to handle the heavy lifting, so your floors and fridge arrive in pristine condition, ready for a fresh start.

02. Transport Care

Secure the fridge in the moving truck using straps. Utilize a tail-lift lorry, available through Happy Movers, to minimize tilt risks.

03. Arrange in the destination and connection

Once your fridge reaches its new destination, Happy Movers ensures it’s placed with precision in your desired spot, keeping it level and secure. Reconnect your refrigerator by your side, attending to all electrical and plumbing requirements, following manufacturer guidelines to guarantee functionality. And it is Ready to store your groceries and cool your drinks.

Important notes for moving refrigerator

What are the rules for moving fridges?

Fridge moving rules: Empty it, defrost, clean, secure shelves, keep it upright.

How long should a fridge be off before moving?

Fridge off time before moving: At least 3 hours to cool down. We suggest turning it off one day before the moving.

What is the easiest way to move a refrigerator?

Easiest way to move a fridge: Use a dolly, slide it, don't tilt, go slow.

How long do you wait to plug in a fridge after moving it?

Wait time to plug in after moving: Generally 24 hours if it was tilted.

What happens if you plug a fridge in right after moving it?

Plugging in the fridge right after moving: It can cause oil to move from the compressor to cooling lines, which can damage it.

What happens if you don't wait 24 hours to plug a fridge in?

Not waiting 24 hours to plug in: It might not cool properly, and it can shorten its life.

Move Fridge in ease and peace of mind