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When it comes to moving, one item that often raises eyebrows is the TV. It’s bulky, it’s expensive, and it’s incredibly fragile. Can movers move a TV? Absolutely, and Happy Movers is here to tell you how to do it right!
Note: If you’re planning a move soon, don’t forget to check out our ultimate checklist for a hassle-free move.

Services Offered For Tv Moving

Moving LCD and LED TVs with TV Boxes

Utilising TV boxes offers a tailored and secure way to transport televisions. Specifically designed to fit TVs of varying sizes, these boxes provide a snug environment, preventing unwanted movement during transit.

Moving Tv With moving blanket

A moving blanket provides a thick, cushioned shield for TVs, ensuring their protection during transport. Especially ideal for TVs up to 50 inches.

Plasma and LCD TV Moving in Detail

The Sensitivity of Flat Panel TVs

Flat-panel TVs, including Plasma and LCD, are sensitive gadgets. A minor bump can lead to a significant fault. So, what is the best way to transport a TV? The answer is using specialized TV moving services.

Our Approach to TV Moving With TV Boxes

At Happy Movers, we use our exclusive TV boxes to ensure the utmost safety for your screen. We also offer a free quote so you can plan your budget in advance.

How We Relocate Your TV with TV box?

Moving Process

01. The senior movers and teamwork

Two senior movers will handle your flat-panel TV at all times to prevent screen damage. The cables are labeled, and you are responsible for disconnecting the TV from its power source. We will assist in removing it from the wall bracket.

02. Packing and Protecting

The TV is then placed upright and wrapped in packing material, such as bubble wrap or a moving blanket.

03. TV Box Placement

Your TV will be carefully placed in our TV box and secured with bubble inserts to prevent any movement during transportation. The box will be properly taped before it is moved.

04. Ready for Transport

Finally, the TV is loaded onto the moving truck and secured.

TV Moving With Moving blanket

The Sensitivity of Flat Panel TVs

The moving blanket is ideal for TVs up to 50 inches in size. Its ample coverage ensures the entire screen and body of the TV are well-protected.

Thickness of the Moving Blanket

The moving blanket boasts a thickness of 5 cm, meticulously crafted with plush cushioning and dense fabric layers for maximum protection.

Our Method for Packing and Moving TVs with the Moving Blanket:

After enveloping the TV with the moving blanket, we secure it using sturdy straps or bands. This guarantees that the blanket remains firmly in position, shielding your TV from potential jolts or abrasions throughout the relocation process.

Alternative Packaging Options for TV

  •  Update 2023 Nov: For international relocations involving oversized televisions, particularly those surpassing 80 inches, the utilization of custom wooden crates is paramount. These crates, meticulously designed to conform to the unique dimensions of large-scale TVs, offer unparalleled protection during international transit. The robustness of wooden crates plays a critical role in safeguarding against physical impacts and environmental variables, elements that are particularly challenging in international shipping scenarios. Enhanced with specialized padding and tailored support, these crates are the epitome of secure transportation solutions for high-value, fragile items like giant TVs. Incorporating custom wooden crates in your international moving strategy not only guarantees the safe delivery of your television but also instills confidence and tranquility throughout the moving process.
  • Specialized wrapping materials, like corrugated board, bubble and stretch film are able to provide a good protection.
Moving TV FAQ

Moving TVs FAQ

How do you move a TV in a moving house?
We use TV boxes or specialized packing materials, such as moving blankets, to ensure safe transit.
Can one person lift a 65-inch TV?
We recommend having at least two people to handle a TV of this size. A 65-inch TV would weigh around 25kgs. While it may be possible for one person to carry it, the weight distribution of a TV is not centered, making it unsafe to move alone.
Does a 65-inch TV fit in a car?
Typically, specialized moving vans or box trucks are preferred for TV transfers.
How do you lift a 65-inch TV?
Always with two people, using the proper lifting techniques.
Can I put a 65-inch TV on a 55-inch stand?
It’s not recommended due to stability issues.

Move TV blog

TVs are not only expensive but often hold sentimental value, being the centerpiece of many family rooms. Ensuring your TV is properly packed is crucial for a safe move.

These sturdy, padded protectors envelop your items, providing a secure cocoon that guards against the potential dangers lurking in every bump and turn of the transit.

Moving a TV requires careful planning and execution. These practices are crucial for preventing damage to your TV during a move, ensuring it arrives at your new home perfectly.

Move TV in ease and peace of mind