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Residential Moving


  Moving house is a stressful process, it is not a common task in our life, some customers feel easy and they try to organise by
themself but eventually they spent more money and not worth for the time. Despite how many stuff you're moving, professional movers will help you easily move and save much of energy.
  Happy Movers is a local professional mover, we focus on Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur (KL) Putrajaya, Subang, Shah Alam.
We have no extra charge and hidden cost since day one of our business. In the long run of business, the priority of our goal is to provide a consistency hassle-free moving service to our customers. With our moving systems, 98% of our customers are satisfied with our service in the past 8 years records, click here to have a look at our testimonial. We are very committed and continually serve the best service to our customers.