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What is Professional Movers in Klang Valley?


"I need 3 tonne Lorry "This is the most common opening from a phone call to Movers. Moving seems like an easy job, just grabbing and taking things from one place to another.


How difficult could it be? Yes, for simple moving, it will be easy but if you do not wish to damage your items, it will need professional movers to handle them. 


In Malaysia, Most people will suggest getting a lorry service to do the moving. 

Do you need a Professional Mover? 


Lets find out! If you just want to get a moving quote, Happy Movers are one of them, contact us by  Whatsapp or inquiry form


As experienced movers in this field, we would say that it depends. Let's share 6 reasons to consider hiring a professional mover for your new house.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers


1. Moving items require good care to avoid any harm.

Moving items' varies a lot in term of value, even in the same family, furniture could cost a few hundred ringgit to a thousand ringgit. Therefore, A small scratch could hurt not only the furniture but also good memory with it. 


To protect your precious memory and furniture, you need to verify whether your moving providers can protect your stuff. It is quite common for professional movers to use stretch film to protect the surface of a sofa, bedsheets and cabinet. 


A professional mover moves your items to the destination and takes the responsibilities to take care of them. 


2. Your moving require packing service

When moving to a new house, it is exciting, but it will be challenging to know where to start when you look at your kitchen.


Packing small stuff is an optional service, but it could save tons of time, and you can sit and relax with the help of packers.


Moreover, packing kitchen items like plates, mugs and glasses require skills and packing material. Packers are here to help you to spend little time on it.


3. You need the move to be smooth and on schedule

One of the advantages of hiring a professional mover is their experience. Hiring professional movers is wishing to have a pleasant moving experience.


Moving service provided by others, for instance, online lorry platform, might be suffering from wasting time, need to contact to the platform and confirm their schedule. While professional movers is a one stop moving solution for your moving. Any question just ask our team.


With a professional mover, you can ask whatever question you have and get your answer. 



4. You want to sit back and relax while moving

Hiring for Professional Movers means that you are giving all the heavy lifting works to us; all you need to is communicate with the person in charge. They should able to handle all the furniture with reasonable care and move to your place.


5. No extra and hidden cost 

The pricing of rental for a truck might be attractive at the first glance. We can often see a banner that a lorry rental service is advertising RM400~800/ for a trip. However, when the team comes and does the job, there are plenty of cases to raise the price. While Happy Movers implemented one price moves all policy, there are no extra or hidden charges once the quotation is received.


6. Well Organize Moving Process

Moving services provided by non-professional movers may extend your schedule. They are often inconsistent and drag your moving. With well-trained crews and moving systems, professional movers save your cost by reducing the moving time and protect your stuff. 


In conclusion, if your moving items are just one or two furniture and bedsheets that require little protection. It is more suggested to get a transport service. Conversely, if you want a smooth, well-organized, protect your stuff mover, go for professional movers is wiser.


How much does professional movers in Klang Valley cost 

At the end moving price is one of the crucial factors to choose your movers.

So how much does moving cost consider as fair price or in another words how much do I have to pay for a good movers? 


For this question, it is actually depending on your moving items. Mostly professional movers’ quotation is estimated by the whole moving job, including your moving items, furniture sizes, entry space, whether there is a lift or not.


This is because it will be fair for both moving company and customers, as moving is important to move all the items. While moving price counted with trips will require you to check on them regularly to make sure they are working. We have some customers experience movers that charge by hours or trips, which have some bad experience from them.


For a 1200 sqr feet moving, we would say around RM2,000. BUT!! This is only an simple moving estimation, final quotation are regarding about moving items. Happy Movers require more information to give a accurate moving cost. Contact us by whatsapp.

What’s the differences of professional movers and lorry rental service?


Professional movers (Happy Movers)

Lorry rental service


Depend on moving items

Per trip

Packing service


Mostly No

Energy to manage the job

None, just let them handle

Probably need if moving price is charge by hours


Call 6010-2326868 if you need a professional movers in Kuala Lumpur, which can take care of your furniture, packing for your fragile items, organize and mange for your moving job, save your time & cost.

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