10 tips to move house with pets easily

Moving homes? Got pets? No sweat! We’ve been there, done that. From relocating with cats to settling in with your scaly friends, here’s the ultimate guide to a paws-itive move.

Tip 1: Create a Comforting Overnight Kit

Ensure your pet has everything they need to feel secure from night one.

Essential Kit Includes:

  • Food: Their usual fare to avoid tummy upsets.
  • Comfort Items: Favorite toys or blankets can ease stress.

Tip 2: Vet on Speed Dial

Keep your vet in the loop and make sure you:

  • Update records: Especially if moving long distance with pets.
  • Secure prescriptions: A good stock of necessary meds.
  • Get a local vet recommendation: Don’t wait for a pet emergency to find a new vet.

Tip 3: Seclude Your Pets from Chaos

Keep your furry friends away from the bustle by:

  • Choosing a quiet room: Stock it with their gear.
  • Considering a daycare or friend’s place: For undivided attention they deserve.

Routine is king, even in transit. Stick to their schedules!

Tip 4: Safe Car Transport

Traveling with a pet? It’s all about safety and comfort.

  • Secure carriers: Make sure they’re escape-proof.
  • Travel tests: Short practice rides can help acclimate your pet to the carrier.

Tip 5: Contain Curiosity Upon Arrival

Before letting pets out, make sure the environment is safe.

Pro Tip: Keep cats indoors to adjust to their new territory safely.

Tip 6: Introduce New Spaces Slowly

Start in a small area to help them feel at home before introducing them to other spaces.

  • Familiarize: Use their bedding and toys.
  • Keep Calm: Avoid loud noises or major changes at first.

Tip 7: Update Pet IDs

An updated tag and microchip mean peace of mind in a new place.

Special Considerations for Different Pets

Tip 8: Move Fish with Care

Fish can be tricky, so keep their travel containers small and water quality high.

Tip 9: Sensitive Moves for Guinea Pigs

Keep these delicate creatures away from loud noises and cushion their carrier.

Tip 10: Secure Your Birds

Use a well-ventilated cage and cover windows in transit to prevent escape attempts.

In Closing

Moving house with animals doesn’t have to ruffle any feathers. For more advice or a helping hand, reach out to Happy Movers, your partner for a stress-free relocation. Ready to fetch our services? Dig into what we offer here.

Here’s to a purr-fect move!